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 Shagonar in Northrend

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PostSubject: Shagonar in Northrend   Fri 21 Dec 2007, 02:33

A small sneak peek how the story will start in Northrend. The text itself is unfinished but I just -have to- to post this because of the way the story begins... Enjoy.



Darkness all around him… He was keeping his eyes closed… Nothing to see there anymore… Nothing to hear. He thought he was dead. There was no pain. No grief and no earthly worries. He was just laying there…

He remembered why he had traveled to Northrend…

He remembered flying on a Drake looking for something from the icy shores…

He remembered walking among the giant bones…

He remembered the freezing breeze of the northern winds…

He remembered the ruins in the valley of bones…

He remembered the golden dragon…

He remembered being engulfed by the fire of the dragon…

That was the end of him. Died honorably in battle against a worthy foe… Death worthy of a Blood Knight.


Answer to the next question is: No. He is not a Death Knight after this. Wink
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Shagonar in Northrend
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