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 Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri)

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Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Empty
PostSubject: Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri)   Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Icon_minitimeTue 18 Dec 2007, 20:15

Kanjiri is my new alt, my troll mage. However I'm having a little difficulty trying to come to terms with him rp-wise. I currently have two possible stories, but I need the help of the guild. I want everyone's opinion on these and if anyone has any better ideas, then feel free to voice them....but here's the two current ones...just want to see which would meld into the guild best. Both stories feature certain events and places that Kanjiri can never take part in. They are lopped events so he can take part OOC, but in his stories, these events have already happened.

One - Troll mage with mining/engineering

Kanjiri is a servant of Rakish Greenwhistle, a not-very-famous engineer, often going on long excursions with him, carrying equipment, books, socks etc. On one such excursion, Kanjiri and Rakish were traversing the perilous savage wilds of Westfall ( was perilous to them). They were there to take stock of inventory and to deliver supplies to one of their larger clients, a Mr E.V.Cleef, currently residing in some mine in a town.

It was here that they caught the signal of a distress beacon. Naturally, them being the helpful pair they were (by 'helpful' I mean 'curious lotters'), they felt obliged to investigate. However, it was a trap set up by a nefarious Gnome mage in an attempt to lure a certain messenger to his position so he could assassinate him. The magi, rippling with arcane energy, saw the pair and deemed them worthy of execution, especially seeing as they were carrying equipment which bore the mark of the same faction he was trying to decimate. A brief fight ensued, the gobline using his wiles and greater knowledge of 'death-ray' weaponry to elude and counter attack the mage. Both he and Kanjiri fought valiantly (desperately/cowardly), with no sign of the battle going to either side's favour.

The pair made a break for the rear of the mines, scampering up the hillside and into the caverns, but the mage's arcane knowledge allowed him to be fast on their trail. The gnome fired a barage of arcane bolts at the goblin, who's weapon had jammed and was starting to overload. In a last show of loyalty, Kanjiri through himself between the bolts and his goblin employer, taking a full blast to the chest.

When Kanjiri awoke, he was stuck in the mines, which had collapsed, beaten badly, with no sign of goblin or mage. He was taken into the care of his previous owner's client, Mr Cleef, who had people tend to his wounds until he was strong enough to work. He was put to work on clearing the tunnel and the mess he had caused and, in return, a large sum of money was given to him to guarantee him safe passage to grom'Gol and eventually, back to Kalimdor.

He never forgot his mentor's teachings in the ways of Goblin engineering...and he never forgot the mage. Believing the gnome to be still alive, Kanjiri swore on his ancestors that he'd beat the mage, one on one, at his own game...

Two - Troll mage with herbalism/alchemy

Kanjiri had suffered from a terribly strict regime as a child. His father, who had served with thrall, wanted him to become the ultimate fighter, to serve under Thrall and become a champion, bringing honour to his family. But Kanjiri had other plans. He didn't want to do anything, deeming life too troublesome. He did, however, start up his own business. Kanjiri had enough to do with the law, or 'da mon' at an early age, and his way of dealing with it and eventually to 'stikit to da mon', was to use, grow, and distribute a small variety of substances, all made using natural medicines, to anyon who wanted to feel what life was like when the sky was pink, mud tasted like melon and you were fifteen feet taller than everyone else.

News spread fast of his little 'business', and eventually reached the ears of certain individuals who frowned upon this, seeing it as dangerous and foolhardy. They had Kanjiri brought up on crimes of 'supplying hallucinagenic substances to the masses, purely for recreational use.' No one would have anything to say to him about the matter and his family disowned him. The taurens, who used such substances for rituals, found it appaling and he was banned from ever going to Thunder Bluff. He was also banished from Orgrimmar when an attack on the city by naive Alliance raiders, was nearly successful when a contingent of guards were asleep after a night which they couldn't remember, except saying that 'Kanjiri made it the greatest night of our lives.' Thrall's reply to this was to simply say... 'He also guaranteed it to be your last.'

Due to Kanjiri's father's military loyalty, and through much pleading, Thrall banished Kanjiri from Kalimdor rather than execute him. Kanjiri was sent, with nothing, onto the next Zeppelin. This took him to Tirisfal glades, where, after struggling with the newer herbs he found, desperately tried to start up his business. The idea was squashed by the Royal Apothecary Society. But rather than destroy his dreams, in exchange for also researching performance enhancing potions and other things, they employed him instead, giving him his own teacher in the Sepulcher, Apothecary Renferrel, who taught him the basics of alchemy.

When he had learned all he could, Apothecary Renferrel sent him on a journey to Silvermoon City, to help negotiations with the Blood Elves. Also, it would give him insight as to what people were really addicted to. Kanjiri saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. He was finally going up in thw world. In exchange for helping the city's guards stifle their magic addiction through the use of his potions, as well as supplying the rest of the city with other things as replacements or 'placebos' for their addictions (it explains all the bongs in SC), Kanjiri was taught certain methods of eluding escape, killing multiple things to easily farm herbs he required or to even destroy people who would try and stop him, through the use of arcane magic.

The addiction caught him...and it was something he liked...even this small amount of power was overwhelming. Back in Kalimdor, mages were few and far between. He'd be powerful...he'd be mighty...he'd show his father...soon...
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Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Empty
PostSubject: Morador   Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Icon_minitimeMon 24 Dec 2007, 22:43

well neather of these are my stile. im more in for the whole redeemer or darkness stile. but i prefered the first one personaly
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Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri)   Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Icon_minitimeTue 25 Dec 2007, 01:07

I really like both of them - not too overstated, and a fairly 'normal' character. Of the two, I'd say the second is my favourite, although both seem completely workable for rp.
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Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri)   Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri) Icon_minitime

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Need some help with this one...(Kanjiri)
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