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 My past.

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PostSubject: My past.   Thu 13 Dec 2007, 13:08

My only family that i know was a forsaken priest named Caleb. I always knew him as
father. One day i asked him about my mother, and he said

"nature is the only mother you need. She gave you birth and she will take it when
the time comes, and till now i tried to take the role of your father, but now you
are old enough to take your own path."

So i left him, and came to a great city of Thunder Bluff. There i started to learn
the teachings of my mother. The more i devote myself to the nature, more strong i
become, she protected me and granted me the strenght to overcome any challenges that i face. So i realized why she is my mother.

I wandered all around Azeroth, Eastern Kingdoms and even Outlands, and realized how strong natures' teachings are. Not many were able to stand before me. With some of my friends i have stormed Medivh's old house, lair of the Gruul the Dragonslayer, prison of Magtheridon, Kael's sanctuary in Tempest Keep, and most of Lady Vashj's minnions.

And one day my life has changed when i did something to anger my mother.
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My past.
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