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 A stranger in a strange land.

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PostSubject: A stranger in a strange land.   Thu 13 Dec 2007, 12:53

I was a fool to use engineer devices while following the path of nature. I should have known one day i will be cursed because of this. And this day has become...

In order not to fly from Shatrath to Tempest Keep i decided to use goblin teleporting device, which will portal me to Arena 52, then i could fly just a short way up to TK. It was not the first time i have done such a thing, since i spent much time and effort on my way to become a master engineer, i was using such devices on every opportunity.

So i used trinket without even thinking on it or even focusing on what i am doing. Sometimes minor errors can occur in this process. Many times i have became a gnome, blood elf or dreanei, i became bigger or smaller then my self, or ended up appearing little above the ground. Those are the things that i do not care much, and even can be fun sometimes. However, this time it was different. I was in my usual form, perfectly at the place where i should be, and at right size. But something was wrong about the weather, the people, even the land itself.

I looked around to determine what gone wrong this much. Since i was an engineer i commonly chatted with goblins at Area 52 about some devices, so i know most of them. But the goblins around me were all strangers to me. After that i looked for my friends, and i realized something is terribly wrong, could not find any of them. I was completely in a strange land surrounded by people that are completely unknown by me. When my immediate panic had gone, i used my hearthstone by hoping to return safety of Shatrath that i know. After 10 seconds i was in Shatrath, but there was no sign of my friends, my guild or anyone that i know. Stupid goblin thing teleported me to a realm which is perfectly simmilar, except its inhabitants.

So, i started to wander around like a zombie, watching bouncing gnomes, well gnomes never change, and creeping undeads, they do not change much either. Then i realized, why i am not looking for a new guild and new friends here. Maybe in the future i can find a way to turn back to my realm, but till that it is good to join in a community and have some good friends. And who knows, perhaps this place is better then my old one.

So, i started looking for bulletin boards, and guild advertisements looking for members. It was just like my old place, so i do not think i will have a hard time here getting used to my surrounding. After a few minutes i found a guild advertisement that can be suitable for me, so i post a note to them...
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A stranger in a strange land.
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