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 Durch skyshadow

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PostSubject: Durch skyshadow   Durch skyshadow Icon_minitimeSun 09 Sep 2007, 16:02

Name:Durch Skyshadow




Likes:(good side)Helping people,gaining honour on the right path..actually almost everything that is not bad.

Likes:(bad side)Fighting..killing..insulting..Gaining honour on the evil path..persons with an evil character.

Dislikes:(good side)his evil side..fighting too much..losing honour. Racisme

Dislikes:(evil side)his good side..helping persons..not fighting..everything that's good. Racisme

favourite place:(good side)doesn't really have one.

(evil side)where the fight is.


Good side is dominant because the white furr covers his face,chest and
the inside parts of the arms and legs but the evil side dominates when
Durch gets angry.

Talks to himself and *somethimes* hits himself
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Durch skyshadow
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