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 Rashkaa's Stupid lag

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PostSubject: Rashkaa's Stupid lag   Thu 06 Dec 2007, 18:08

I know a few of you recently have heard me rant and rave as to why i have 4k+ latency for no reason.

Well last night my father rang our ISP.

The line we were on was getting diverted to another place... THEN to the ISP.

So we used a test and got a connection line of 700kbs.
That's less than a meg.

They said they'd fix it in 24 hours.

30 minutes later (and a restart of the pc) and we have a 8900kbs line.
Double what we should be getting

SCORE! (also... No more me yelling at random things ^^)
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PostSubject: Re: Rashkaa's Stupid lag   Thu 06 Dec 2007, 18:39

NICE cheers
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Rashkaa's Stupid lag
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