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 Lady A. Portilia

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PostSubject: Lady A. Portilia   Lady A. Portilia Icon_minitimeTue 04 Dec 2007, 12:05

Portilia was a rather timid shy younge mage back befor she lost her memory and retrained as a Warlock, since then her looks has changed
Portilia comes across as dark and a little rude at times, all she cares about is her job, however if you get close to her you shall see her features soften and she's not as hard as she seems.
Portilias blond hair is tied into a tight bun with loose bits hanging at the side, her eyes are large and the unusual colour of a darker green, wich often unerved people, When portilia is wound up or angry she likes to make herself known even though sometimes it is not neceserry, you will notice her eyes go darker or lighter depending on her mood.
Portilia is always in a robe of fairly simple cloth, she rarley dress's in anything pretty as that seems impratical to her.
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Lady A. Portilia
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