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 Toryn Sakhir

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PostSubject: Toryn Sakhir   Toryn Sakhir Icon_minitimeThu 22 Nov 2007, 20:07

Born of the Sakhir family of Silvermoon, one of the many that meddled with magics for development. The family was known to have been interested in certain behind-the-curtains-ideas of a great Elf kingdom, where druidical magic and arcane magic would mix.

Nearly the whole family died in the Scourge's invasion. The three children were taken away from the city by loyal servants. Or so the saying goes.

These things were told to Toryn when he was still young, at a monastery in the vicinity of Quel'Thalas. In those ages, I read almost any book I could find in the monastery's library and books from traveleres that reached those far corners.

Steadily, the arcane inheritance of his parents has been aknowledged and in secret to the monks, or so I thought, I developed my powers.

A while after the disaster of Quel'Thalas, the monastery started its fight against the scourge, thing that drove them insame bit by bit. About this time, realizing that there is nothing holy in their own teachings, with shattered dreams of the goodness of people, I left the monastery.

During a cold night, I took the only two posessions I had (my robe and all the knowledge I could gather) and started moving alongside the walls in an attempt to escape the mad priests and soldiers. The fact the humans and elfs alike banned the high elves due to their new betraying allegience with nagas and the Betrayer.

Lurking in the cold night, I took refuge with a caravan that was headed for the ruined city of Silvermoon. Once the place where... oh, but that is too painfull to remember. The travelers where hiding their faces, but then again, so was I. Their constant moans were sending ice-cold chills across my spine. After a couple of days we've reached my beloved city... only to find an empty shell of what I remembered it to be.

The caravan took it's way... and with it I've released the dead stench the was all arround it. From the city that once stood proud... only few people remained... most of them were in agony, fleeing anywhere they could find a drip of magic. But the others... brave souls... they where taking arms, and rebuilding all we had.

After a while spent in Silvermoon, my thirst of knowledge came back to life... and I've set my path to other regions, trying to find out what's going on in the world from which I was severed. I've all those that we called now allies. Part of my superficiality made me look the other way when I first met them. But after a while, discovering who they actually where, I've started gaining their knowledge too. The Undercity, Ogrimmar... places with vast amouonts of knowledge. My journeys have took me to Thunder Bluff... where I've found the Tauren. Grown quickly attached to them as, apart from their hunting traditions, they've proved to be noble and tought in mystic ways.

To this day, I'm digging whatever I can find to the real nature of the disaster that once happened.
I've heard rumours that even my beloved prince would've betrayed. But no, that cannot be. And if it is?
I've heards rumours also of the dark image of he who took the life away from my parents. And by the light of the sun, one day I will have my vengeance. On him, and on all those who tarnished the image of the beautiful high-elves.
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Posts : 9
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PostSubject: Re: Toryn Sakhir   Toryn Sakhir Icon_minitimeThu 13 Dec 2007, 19:06

...glimpses of massive bodies carrying me... the stench of the marsh... but too weak...
...glimpses of them nurturing. "Never knew ogres could really mind over someone else".
...glimpses of ogres and tauren in the cave... sweat all over... shadows playing on the wall...

The long dream: Part I.

"Seeking a reason behind the apparitions in the marsh, I thought I saw something beside a road. The signs of a struggle, a fight... or... human prints, but way too large, swept zones and... maybe the sign of a sort-of-a-dragon. Tales told in the monastery sometimes mentioned dragons arround there parts... but these were just stories."

Now I remember... I was looking at a weird modeled mud zone. And then... beauty... and darkness. My body felt completely helpess lying face down in the mud. The stench surrounded everything...
...the glimpses of massive ogres carrying me...
...glimpses of ogres and tauren over the fire nearby...
...and then darkness.
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Toryn Sakhir
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