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PostSubject: Voojo   Voojo Icon_minitimeSun 11 Nov 2007, 21:31

Age: 55 (Voojo can`t remember his actual age because of weak memory)

Likes: cooking, honest people, spending as much time as possible in wildlands (jungles), examining different herbs’ characteristics, makin'n'brewin various potions and mixtures.

Dislikes: being in a crowded places, pride ,arrogant people

Appearance description:
There is a troll before you, he looks quite old, but his overall behavior doesn’t fit his appearance. His hair is white and white mask is drawn on his face.
Not totally unfriendly but somewhat wild, he prefers to spend most of his time chit-chatting with different talismans he keeps in his bag, and that makes him look even less sociable than he really is. When not in wildlands, he seems to pay little attention to things, happening around him.

One of stories of Voojo`s past:

A long time ago Voojo was a young shaman from a small clan of trolls that was in Darkspear Trolls service. He was a talented student and was experienced in the use of healing herbs. But he was not a single shaman in this clan. There was also troll Jaggedtusk that was an extremely hypocritical and artful and whose desire was to be the one and only shaman in his clan. He had a negative attitude towards Voojo and felt envious of him. And then, when the time for a first Voojo’s transformation ritual into spirit wolf had come, Jaggedtusk began to plan how to make the process of Voojo’s transformation to his native form impossible. He prepared an elixir and secretly put it into Voojo’s meal. The aim was accomplished. So, after Voojo had transformed into spirit wolf, he became really wild and went away in nowhere. He was wandering in deep forests for nearly a half of his life. However, one day Voojo realised that he had finally got the full control over his form. He didn’t know why his sufferings were over. He was Voojo again. But when he came back to his native place he found no tracks of Jaggedtusk, his whole clan disappeared.

That’s why Voojo tells a little about his past and nothing about this story. And in spite of his friendly relation to everybody, it’s really hard to gain his trust.
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