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 Guilt and regrets

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Guilt and regrets Empty
PostSubject: Guilt and regrets   Guilt and regrets Icon_minitimeSun 11 Nov 2007, 21:25

The Room was dark, not by design, but the candle had waned, It spluttered as it fought to stay alight, crackling as the remaining wax slowly engulfed the flame.

If you stared into the room you would have caught a glimpse of a figure slumped on a table, the table itself was a plain affair, and somehow felt at home in the dark musty room, it seemed almost a stump from an old gnarled tree that had been convinced to take root. The figure stirred, its large forearm moving from its face to a more comfortable position.

The door to the room, edged open slightly, two more large forms stood just outside the room.

"Has she finally been able to do it?" the bigger of the pair asked.
"It would help her if she could, It would at least be the start of the healing process" send a the more feminine voice.
"Come on boedicia, leave her to rest"
"It was your idea to check on her in the first place Pras!" she giggled " now leave her be"

The two retired from the room, hand in hand worried about there friend, when they had first found her she'd been unable to speak, and hardly reminded them of the young carefree tauren girl they'd grown up with. And although they'd nursed her back to health over the weeks and months, there were some wounds that were not so easily healed.

"Yes boedi?"
"Did we do the right thing?" the voice hushed as it spoke,there was a silent rule that had been broken.
"Only time will tell Boed, now lets go to sleep, worrying doesn't fix the problem"

In the Bedroom, Kassiber stirred, a single tear formed on her eye, and then was gone, her hand formed a fist, then as fast as it had formed, it relaxed, and the sleeper returned to her dream.
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Guilt and regrets
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