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 Sir J. Rashkaa

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PostSubject: Sir J. Rashkaa   Sir J. Rashkaa Icon_minitimeSat 08 Sep 2007, 20:01

Full name : Sir Jass Rashkaa
Sex, race and class : Male, Blood Elf, Paladin
Birthplace : Silvermoon City
Favourite place in the world : The woods outside of Silvermoon (where the Blood Knight found him)
This makes him laugh : Sparring with others (especially squires)
This makes him sad : Dishonour, Verbal Abuse
Likes : Making sure his armour is polished.
Dislikes : Very little. Oh... The "red scarf" rogues.

A gentleman who see's no wrong in anyone. Friendly and approachable. And almost always a smile upon his face.

"Sir Jass Rashkaa is a proud and noble man. Always seeking new levels
of understanding he confides his secrets with few. He is quickly
enraged by those who judge others unfairly and will take an active
stand if another is suffering. He is usually in control of his thoughts
and actions. But sometimes power or... love can cloud his judgement.
Can seem overly formal sometimes, but that is covering the warm and
laughable person that Jass is."
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Sir J. Rashkaa
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