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 Question:Combat related

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PostSubject: Question:Combat related   Wed 24 Oct 2007, 09:00

Does anyone know how to write a good fight without making it too boring or long? as i always wondered how to do it <.<
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PostSubject: Re: Question:Combat related   Wed 24 Oct 2007, 11:43

Well here is one I wrote:

(The characters aren't human BTW)


I stood there and watched Jarrett, her breathing was slow and steady, trying to get the oxygen back into her system after the sparring match she’d just had with her Father. He’d left the room by the same doorway I now stood in; he didn’t even glance at me as he left.

Jarrett had always fascinated me since the day she first arrived here six weeks ago. Her deathly pale skin would have contrasted sharply with her jet black hair had she not wrapped it all into dreadlocks of ribbons. Her eyes shone emerald green, but they were always so cold and hard. That wasn’t the only thing that was cold and hard about Jarrett though, and it was this that had always held my interest almost as much as her breasts did.

It was her left arm. I’m not sure why it was like this, but instead of flesh and blood, her arm was made of plates of jet black metal covering a clockwork system that was hooked up to her nerves. The arm was sleek and flexible, just like her other, fleshy, one, but her hand looked more akin to a plate mail glove with the fingers finishing with sharp, deadly looking points...

I stepped into the threshold of the room and moved towards her slowly. It was difficult to tell whether she had noticed me or not, she hadn’t moved, but I’d seen this woman fight blindfolded so even if she hadn’t seen me, she probably knew I was there. I stopped in front of Jarrett, she finally looked at me.

I’d never stood this close to her before so I’d never noticed how short she was; Jarrett barely came up to my shoulders. She was curvier than I expected too, big breasts, small waist, big hips but by no means was she fat! I doubt there was an ounce of fat on this woman, every limb; every muscle was well defined and toned.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was clear and she spoke directly, as if she didn’t want to waste words.
I nodded, “My name’s Draven, I’m one of the guards here.” I swallowed, trying to find the words to talk to her. “I…”
“And? What’s your point?” She crossed her arms and shifted her weight onto one leg.

This woman thought she was better than me, the uninterested tone of her voice made that all too apparent. No worries, I thought to myself, that just makes it all the more fun.
“I was impressed by you’re sparing… You’re amazing for someone your age.”
Jarrett unfolded her arms and with cat like grace dropped into a guarding stance, “Did you come here to spar then?” Her voice now seemed more interested and was filled with confidence.
I stepped forward and placed my hand on her left shoulder; she glanced at it momentarily and then looked back to me, still holding her stance. I leaned into her, my lips gently brushed her ear, she smelled sweet, even through the smell of sweat. “Actually I came here to ask you to dinner.” No women had never said no to me and I had a good feeling today wouldn’t break that trend.

As the words left my lips and floated into her ear, a sharp pain ran up through my right arm and I could feel a wetness that shouldn’t be there. I pulled away from her, or at least as far I was able to; Jarrett had taken a firm –very firm- grip on my arm. So much so that her metallic fingers dug in, breaking the skin and drawing out plenty of blood.

A drop of blood fell to the floor, I followed it with my eyes, staring at the spot where it fell, watching it soak into the wooden floor.

“Uhhh…. Jarrett?” My confidence was more than wavering now
“You’ll have to earn me first.” Her voice had now dropped into a low growl.
Maybe the rumours about her being a fucking nutcase were true… I swallowed and slowed my breathing down, “How do I do that then?”

I barely had time to react to her reply; Jarrett twisted her body, bringing her knee up and quickly attacking with a roundhouse knee. I tried to turn away from the blow, but her grip was strong and pulling was going to rip far too much of my skin…

I took the blow, but before the pain even registered the room moved round me, or at least in the dazed state that’s how it felt. Jarrett followed through with her knee, letting the momentum of the kick spin her round still holding onto my arm. She never let go, but a split second later, probably only half a turn I heard my flesh tearing and I was flying through the air.

Another split second later my back hit the weapons rack on the wall before I fell forward and my face hit the floor. The weapons landed around me and a metallic ringing ran throughout the room. I barely noticed though, that kick had broken a few ribs, my arm was throbbing and I was seeing stars.

“Get up.” It was Jarrett’s voice, but it sounded quiet and distant through the ringing of my ears.

I raised myself onto my elbows and lifted my head slowly; she was stood a few feet away from me, her hands on her hips, “Get up!” She screamed at me, this time I could easily hear it through the ringing.

I groaned and forced myself to get onto my knees, all my concentration then going onto my breathing, it was ragged and pained from my ribs; I needed to get it under control if I wanted to stand a chance.

“Pathetic.” Jarrett spat on the ground just in front of me, “Is that all you’ve got? You’re not going to earn me that way! What a sorry excuse for a Royal Guard!”

That was it… That little bitch was going to pay for that!

I pounced at Jarrett, landing a hard palm strike on the nose, a fountain of blood erupted from her nose and she stumbled back her hands clutching her face. Before letting her recover I attacked again, this time aiming for the head with a turning kick. The twisting motion ran pain all through my chest and my muscles ached from them being cold, but it was still a good kick, exactly level with her head… Well it would have been if she hadn’t vaulted out the way…

Once again moving with cat-like grace, Jarrett twisted in the air over my head, landing perfectly on two feet behind me. I used the turning action from my kick that was still in progress while all this happened, to turn to face her.

Instantly she stuck out at me, using her metal hand like a claw, she slashed through my shirt and into my chest like it was merely paper. I jumped back and snarled at her, she smirked in reply, her white teeth red with her blood.

I’m going to win this fight, and I’m going to win it now I said to myself…

I bull rushed at Jarrett, wrapping my arms around her waist, ignoring her clawing at my back, and pushed her back into the wall. The room filled with the sound of the air being pushed out of her lungs, saliva spray my back and she coughed violently and blood dripped onto my back.

I held her against the wall, fighting against her struggles, while I frantically looked round the room looking for inspiration. Then I noticed the pike lying at my feet, I stamped on the blade of it, the angel levering the handle just within arms reach.

I let go of Jarrett but before giving her a chance to move, I plunged the pike into her right shoulder, pushing it through and into the wall. A sickening snapping sound filled my ears as it broke through her shoulder blade.

She screamed.

Then her body slumped, other than her left arm which she raised to the wound. Her breathing was quick but she soon got it under control and steady. She slowly raised her head to look at me, her dreadlocks falling to the sides of her head and face, her forehead was beaded with sweat and her nose still dripped with blood.

Still, she looked pretty.

Our eyes met, and a pained smile crossed her lips. We were stood facing each other for what felt like an eternity before she finally spoke.

“So, about this dinner then?”


I'd like to consider the fight not to long ^^
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Question:Combat related
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