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 Sir J. Rashkaa - Rising Blood Knight

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PostSubject: Sir J. Rashkaa - Rising Blood Knight   Sir J. Rashkaa - Rising Blood Knight Icon_minitimeSat 08 Sep 2007, 19:58

"So you wish to learn of my past? Fine... I
shall give you a brief story... And I wish to grant you your request.
But i must ask that you do not pry to deeply. A man must still keep a
little air of curiousness about him, No?"

"I grew up as every other blood elf grew up, I went to a blood elf
school, lived with a blood elf family. But I never truely belonged.

I always saw the good in people and was always outcasted because of
it. One day, upon reaching maturity, I questioned my fathers judgement
and was forced to leave my home town... or die. Travelling the roads
alone I was forced to quickly pick up skill with a sword and shield as
I defended myself from robbers, bandits and even a wraith.

Until one day I was ambushed by a gang of "Red Scarf" rogues. They
stripped me of gold and weapons and beat me to the brink of death.
*Rashkaa looks at the floor* those damned cowards enjoyed the torture
they inflicted. But before the final blow could be struck a Blood
Knight in gleaming armour appeared, as if from no where, and slayed
them all with simple strokes of his mighty sword. Shortly after i
passed out due to blood loss and I presumed the Blood Knight had taken
pity upon me and taken me to his camp where he was bandaged and fed.

In the morning, still feeling battered and bruised, I woke to find the
Blood Knight polishing a simple sword, by his feet laid a kite shield.
He looked up upon hearing my groans of pain and said:

"Defend yourself" before throwing the sword and shield to me.

The battle ensued for a good half an hour. The Blood Knight using
simple but effective blocks to fend of my every struggled advance. And
finally with one swooping strike knocked me off my feet and into the
dirt below.

He helped me up but kept one gauntlet upon my shoulder.

"Your form is hap-hazard and amature. But your spirit is strong
and resound." the Blood Knight paused, "You are to come with me and
seek training, hopefully my Lord will see your strength."

With this they were off to see the "Lord" the Blood Knight spoke
of. He took one short look at me and decided it was off to academe with
the others. Once i had settled in I quickly advanced through the ranks
and was given a title,

Sir Rashkaa - The Rising Blood Knight.

Such pride it gave me when the Blood Knight that had rescued me kneeled before me. I sought him out after the official ceremony.

"Defend Yourself" I said, trying to copy his words at the camp.

He simply smiled and unsheathed his sword and shield.

It was not my turn to hit the floor however, We sparred for an
hour. Our shields and swords clashing with an echo that filled the
hall. We quickly attracted an audience. Suddenly the Blood Knight
lunged at me dramatically, It is clear now that he was purposely
loosing, I struck him with the hilt of my sword and across his back
with my shield. He sank to the floor.

"Good Duel" Were the only two words to pass his mouth before he
quickly left the hall. I've never seen him since. Although every once
in a while i see flashes of his gleaming armour.

((sorry if i got carried away... i enjoy creative writing))
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Sir J. Rashkaa - Rising Blood Knight
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